Green Home Design with Spacious Interior in La Jolla, California

7200-sq ft abandoned lot is large, so when the architect Jonathan Segal built his home and office on this lot, he could had anything necessary to build a great home and even more, he saw the potential of the lot and utilize it to create The "Prospect Residence. "  This home at least has three main characters, first is the energy efficient. This home features off-the-grid power source with its solar panels. The second is the home is space efficient, the U-shaped box gives the home maximum interior space for the available area. Although the site is large, but the architect has managed to create a spacious interior with open concept, the architect designed the stair at the end of the first floor while locating the living rooms and the kitchen on the same floor without any boundaries / wall. While the first floor is clad in glass, the upper level is enclosed from the public view with its stucco façade and the corten steel since this level houses private areas, bedrooms with balcony and ensuite for each room. The master bedroom is located on the top floor and features beautiful beach views and sun. For the last, Mr Segal has also managed to make the building cost efficient although aesthetically, the wall decoration and the outdoor fireplace do make the home looks luxurious. Jonathan Segal Architect.

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