Voodoo Fetish Market

There is a traditional market in Lome called fetish market sells something unnatural like elephants' feet, heads of leopards, hands of chimpanzees, skull of a horse, dead birds, dry snakes sometimes human skull. The people believe those are the best medicines in the world that can cure everything even a patient not having a future in the best hospital around the world. Grind up and drink or swallow or rub on the skin, it will be cleared, they believe. Voodoo is a traditional practice in Togo. Here are some example images from Voodoo Fetish Markett.
Voodoo fetish market
Skull for Sale
Dead monkey skulls on voodoo fetish market
Crocodile skulls selling in voodoo fetish market
Elephant feet on voodoo fetish market
dead monkeys dried for selling in voodoo fetish market
dead snakes dried for selling in voodoo fetish market
leopard head on voodoo fetish market
Small animals heads on fetish market
Voodoo fetish market alligator heads
Dried skulls sells here
Dried birds on voodoo fetish market
Herbals on fetish market
Dead monkey
Voodoo fetish market birds
Small paintings on fetish market
All deads items here to sell
Voodoo fetish market heads collections
Wolf heads on voodoo fetish market
Dried monkey hand on voodoo fetish market
Dog heads on fetish market
Cow heads on voodoo fetish market
Art on fetish market
Dried lizards on voodoo fetish market
Africa Herbals
Dead animals skins on voodoo fetish market
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