Modern Exposed Brick House Design with Low Cost Materials – The Patio Home by IVANISIN. KABASHI. ARHITEKTI

Located on a 1300 sq meters lot, this modern exposed brick house is conceived as an open agreement between architecture and natural, an architecture which is wrapped around “natural.” The nature is the rain forest a few hundred meters away, close to the mountain, with only a slight slope to the south in a relatively open suburban area, with small gardens and rest houses used during weekend. The location is in Jazbina district in the northeast outskirt of Zagreb, 10 minutes away by car or 20 minutes from the Zagreb city center. This modern brick house is an answer for the need of a dwelling in nature.  The concepts united both private and social needs, the living room is open at two sides, the street and courtyard while The harmonious relationship of the surface to the height of the rooms helps to optimize the sound reception while listening to music or watching a movie.

The construction consists of low cost materials, recycled bricks with orange to black color are used on the courtyard-facing walls, the patio on the lawn is made of hardwood, a single color roof with slope towards the inner center of the house are clad with corrugated metal. Concrete is used to top up the patio, as a roof but no wall while low cost fabric is used as a decoration.

While only the living room, hall and master bedroom face the courtyard, the architects have tried to integrate the given condition of location and amenities of life in the house, one can see through the long window on the front façade directly to the inside and courtyard.

Architecs: IVANISIN. KABASHI. ARHITEKTI / Krunoslav Ivanisin, Lulzim Kabashi.   Location: Zagreb, Croatia.   Project Start Year: 2002.   Project Ended Year: 2004.   Gross surface area: 200 m2.   Total Area: 1300 m2.   Client: Private.   Photo Courtesy: Ivanisin & Kabashi Arhitekti

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