Pavilion in the Park in Seattle with Sustainable Features

Sustainability is more than just utilizing renewable energy and sustainable materials, but the way the all those green features are used should be a consideration too. But for this “Pavilion in the Park” building from Seattle, the architect of Miller Hull has addressed the issue by designing a building that can be completely disassembled and transported into a new location, minimizing energy in building one and minimizing wastes in demolishing a building, a much better care for the overall impact for the environment. This approach awarded top honors in the Lifecycle Building Challenge (2007) which fortunately, hoped to address the issue of construction and deconstruction with minimal waste. The approach is by dividing the building into four separate modules, each can be transported and reassembled in a new location, and moreover, the owners can expand or reduce the building as needed.

pavilion in the park

So, although the size of this building is huge enough, 1000 sq meters (11,100 sq ft), the building should not impacting the environment as much as other buildings with the same size while at the same time satisfies the client’s request for an adaptable building which could be moved and reused throughout the region for a long period of time. This building, the “Pavilion in the Park” is located in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood. It currently serves as an open plan exhibition center showcasing the neighborhood in which it is settled. Miller Hull

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