Holiday Giants! 31 Out Of Control Decorations

The holidays are just around the corner, which means the decoration pros have already spent
the last 6 months carefully constructing a 60 foot high Santa Claus to grace their front yard.
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A ten foot Christmas tree is great, but a 50 foot tree is better. Thousands upon thousands of lights and ornaments go into creating these holiday works of art.
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Here’s hoping to a winter wonderland with plenty of snow for the sculpting! It makes sense that Santa would be one of the most popular sculpture subjects at competitions around the globe, but the sheer size of some of these are a true testament to how large an influence Santa has on popular culture.
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If the Santa Claus at your local department store isn’t enough jolly for you this Christmas, take a trip to a Santa Clause convention, where the most die-hard Santa Claus representatives span as far as the eye can see.
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These truly monumental trees require the help of an entire community to be set up properly. Huge cranes, enormous lights, and thousands of ornaments combine into a beautiful sight to see.
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Beware of the 50 foot Santa! An inflatable Claus, a gigantic marionette, and an illuminated piece of art are only a few examples of Santa fanatics who may have gone a tad too far… or maybe not far enough?
That snowglobe sitting on the shelf just doesn’t look the same anymore, does it? These fanciful decorations are the perfect avenue for creative advertising in a mall lobby, or for some serious holiday decking out for any public space.
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There would be a lot of incentive to be nice this year if Santa was clomping around like a monster from a Japanese horror movie. This is the closest that Santa comes to frightening children.
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What better way to light a menorah than with a flamethrower. Just kidding! But seriously, these amazing celebrations of Hannukah are more than just impressive to behold.
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As the saying goes, “with great trees come great ornaments”. These are fit for a gigantic Christmas tree, that’s for sure.
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It’s true that sometimes the holidays can get weird, but hopefully only in a holly jolly way! Happy Holidays!
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