Modern Backyard Prefab Office – The officePOD

Having separate place to work is one of the most important aspects for the work at home people, while distractions are numerous, separate place can provide mental and physical boundaries between works and home. The officePOD, (Designed by the British designer company with the same name) the modern design of home office comprises optimum 2.1mx2.1m workspace with secure, elegant sleek inclusive capsule. The capsule modular design is easy to build, even in a place with difficult access.

The extensive design process of this product resulting in a secure place when occupied or empty, provides the user with efficient use of space with innovative storage and desktop solutions, and the best combination of materials, visual appearance, environmental and physical characteristics. Since the trend of work from home spreads with the use of internet, IT and phone connectivity are available, generally wireless, but you can use secure cable lines from home. Power is provided via a discrete and protected connection to the house or garage. One thing that makes me wonder is: how's the result of these combinations of materials and design to the temperature inside the POD?, How does the POD handle the heat?.

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