Modern Brick Home Design with Dotted Façade in Nanjing, China

To honor the long tradition of local brick makers, the architects at Atelier Zhanglei has built the house and brought it into the next level of contemporary brick house design. This gorgeous home is exceptional at the first sight, in the inside and to the impression you can get at the first sight. The creative dotted brown façade welcomes the guests at the front. Two asymmetrical volumes are dotted in an intriguing way, so when guests are lead by the brick patio to the entrance, they would understand that they would enter an extraordinary place. Once inside, the guests would find that the same color is used extensively in the interior design, but the difference is that the tone is obtained via wooden furniture, wood ceiling and flooring. The result is a home that follows its long neighborhood tradition in Nanjing, China. But there’s also one room which is designed in more formal style with its white coloring.

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This is  a post about this brick house on our blog, but if you want more photos of the building, now, we have added more photos with of the brick house with higher resolution. This house that has three different skin textures of brick for the façade, an interlaced pattern holes left between the bricks, and bricks protruding cast shadows along the wall. actually there are two houses which were built, the W house and the Y house. (click images to enlarge)

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Architects: Zhang Lei / AZL architects

Location: Gaochun, Jiangsu Province, China

Team: Zhang Lei, Shen Kaikang, Zhang Ang

Contributor: Gaochun Architectural Design Office

Area: 580 m2 (Ye House) + 860 m2 (Wang House)

Date: 2006-2008

Photo: Iwan Baan

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