700 Years Old Primitive-Style Cave Homes for Rent in Iran

Looking for a new adventure? And then you may try this one, 700 years old primitive-looking houses, hotels and restaurants, available for rent or even for purchase. The dwelling is located at the foot of Mount Sahand, in the northeast Iran, or specifically in Kandovan. These dwelling were carved from volcanic rock formation that were readily available on the site, some parts of each dwelling are buried under the ground, keeping a comfortable temperature at days. Some other parts sit above the ground and are forming the ancient, rustic-looking mound. But the interior of these dwelling are not in ancient style, they have been renovated during the 700 years, there are some new additions like the modern doors or windows or other openings, even though the rooms are still in their cave-style. So, if you think you are, at least, a little bit adventurous, you should try the hotels for your vacation, this place is famous for its special mineral water with its healing properties.  Photo credit: Streakr. Via. Via.

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