The Majestic Negative Edge Swimming Pool – Infinity Above the Clouds

The pool is actually part of a residential project that has been built with a concept of complete relaxation and entertainment. The landscape architecture is done at its best trough numerous spaces within its narrow and limited site to cater various events and mood of the clients in a memorable way. “A series of illusions and careful manipulations to yield the maximum sense of space and experience in the Bassil Mountain Escape,” according to the architect. The series of manipulation have resulted in an infinite pool that blurs all of the boundaries between the site and the horizon, a dazzling pool that looks like dropping its water down onto the clouds below. The perfectly polished walkway floats above it, framed by the shiny stone walls at both sides while the pebbles at the bottom of the pool give the powerful sense of nature. The stunning pool is accompanied with a series of features which further enhance the infinite experiences. It is accompanied by multiple sitting areas, swimming pool, a large entertainment terrace with a long linear bench, a sitting area and fire place, a BBQ zone, and a water mirror with a cantilevered jacuzzi, this Jacuzzi is also sheltering the outdoor bar. The built-in sitting area and the fireplace is supported by the linear bench that also acts as a safety balustrade and an additional rest area for large gatherings. This exceptional pool is a great idea for you if you want to be the only one in the sky, the only problem left for us is probably finding such majestic place to live. This negative edge swimming pool is the winner of ASLA 2008.

pool design

reflective pool design

outdoor lighting for pool

BBQ pool

garden and pool

modern house and garden

wood accent



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