Amazing Waterfront Modern Rental Villa in Cap Ferrat France with Beautiful Garden

Beautifully perched overlooking the water in Cap Ferrat of southeastern France, this gorgeous five stories villa is a kind that makes the neighbors die in envy. Located on a slope, the driveway is accompanied by terraced garden with its white stone borders. Actually this house has 4,500 sq meters outdoor garden which has anything, the winding pathways is encircled by olive, Cyprus, eucalyptus, jasmine, rosemary and jacaranda. We can point out some awesome features of this villa, but, one of the most prominent is the beautiful pool with its Balinese style pool house overlooking the ocean and the yacht port below. While the outdoor area has virtually everything, the interior design is also impeccable. From a grand-style villa like this you could obviously get spacious spaces. But even though the rooms are spacious, the designer seems wanted to make the spaces more warmth and kept intimacy among the rooms or spaces with its rich decoration and design. You could move from one space or room to another as if they are located at the same space and you could see or hear any conversation from the dining room while you are at the living room. This kind of arrangement gives more intimate atmosphere to you and your family or friends since you could feel that you are close with them in this massive villa. In this house, you could also find that each room has its own balcony, terrace or patio, most of them have incredible views of the ocean. This villa also features a rooftop pool along with its outdoor living area. Well, if your next vacation schedule is visiting France, then you may want to stay in this amazing Villa O.


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