Modern Tropical Villa Design – The Setia Eco Park Villa

The “Setia Eco Park Villa” as the name suggests is equipped with solar panels on the canopy providing 30% of the energy consumed by the villa. As the location of the villa is at the palm coconut plantation 15 minutes from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the solar panels could be very effective year round. This building also features rain water collection system on the rooftop garden. Furthermore, building a home in tropical area would require less electricity since natural cooling and lighting are abundant, also, it doesn’t need heating. (So, even though the clients of such villa can be very demanding, the sustainability of the building can be achieved). Apart from the green features, the modern house design itself is stunning. The three levels building features large windows and interior courtyard making the modern interior bright and airy. While the ground level courtyard is beautiful and relaxing, the house is keeping its gem above the roof. There’s a small but beautiful rooftop courtyard with its two pools and gazebo. This beautiful tropical villa was designed by architects of TWS & Partners.

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