Modern Villa Design in the Netherlands – Villa 1

When the “Best Private Interior Design Award” of Dutch Design Award went to this house, we can see here that the reason should be the innovative interior design of glass and mirror. This clean interior is sleek, curved in modern style and when we add the lights, mirrors, wooden closet and minimalist design, it’s bright, inviting and giving a sense of spaciousness. This modern house design itself is no less in beauty and aesthetics, the white façade is stunning with its contemporary shape. The white flooring for the porch is really sleek combined with the floor to ceiling windows. The architects of Powerhouse Company built this house in two levels, but the first level is buried in the ground and, different from the upper level, the underground level is more conventional in exterior design, it just features garage doors and uses fewer glasses. Nevertheless, the underground garage’s entrance design is impressive. This villa is located in the woods in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

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